Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Have you had the experience of going out of town for a few days, then coming home and feeling a little disoriented by your everyday life? It's as if you've been to an alternate universe, and have to re-learn your old routines. I find that going to court has a similar effect. I've participated in two full-on, multi-day trials now, and on both occasions I have come back to the office feeling as if I had been to some far-away place for a very long time. The courtroom really is a kind of alternate universe where different rules apply.


Bowenite said...

It sounds like your career has really taken off. I know other young lawyers who have never seen the inside of a courtroom, much less two multi-day trials. Hope you were interested in litigation!

Steve said...

My career is nothing like I planned, but I am pleased that I landed at a small firm. It is shocking what they trust me with. I've worked on cases at just about every stage of litigation, from initial client meetings to post-trial motions.